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XTJY Wye Delta (Star-Delta) Jockey Pump Controllers

The JOCKEY Touch Wye Delta (Star-Delta) jockey pump controllers are used when six or twelve-lead delta connected jockey pump motors are started wye (star) – connected. Approximately 58% of line voltage is applied to each winding and the motor develops 33% of full-voltage starting torque and draws 33% of normal locked-rotor current from the line.

  • Circuit Breakers
    XTJP / XTJY Jockey Pump Controllers incorporate Eaton Combination Motor Controllers, which combine the circuit breaker and overload in one device.

  • Color Touchscreen Display
    All controller models are equipped with a microprocessor based, color touchscreen which allows the user to monitor and program all functions and values.

  • Universal Supply Voltage
    Three phase supply voltages from 200-600Vac, 50/60Hz and Single phase supply voltages from 110-240Vac, 50/60Hz can be wired directly to the unit.

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