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The FT70 Transfer Switch Controller uses a method of connecting the pump motor windings into wye configuration to start, then switching to a delta configuration to run which significantly reduces the starting current of the motor. Wye-Delta starting is the only method that has a starting torque efficiency of 100%. All Eaton FT Series controllers are supplied as Dual Utility controllers and meet FM 1321 / 1323 approvals.

  • Drain Valve Solenoid
    Used for Weekly Test purposes.

  • Data / Memory Storage
    Up to 10K Events - On Board Memory
    Save Fault & Alarm Information to USB Drive

  • Communication
    USB Port / Drive
    Transfer Data to / from portable USB Device
    Embedded Web Pages*
    View Current Status, Data Values, Programmed Set Points and History
    Direct Connection / Data Transfer with a Computer
    RS485 Port*
    MODBUS Communication
    * COM Option must be ordered for this function.

  • Approvals
    Meet FM1321 / 1323

  • ATC-300 Plus Controller
    Monitor Source 1 and Source 2 power source voltages and frequencies
    Provide undervoltage monitoring of the Source 1 and Source 2 power sources
    Permit customer programming
    Display real-time and historical information
    Permit system testing
    Store customer/factory established parameters in nonvolatile memory
    Provide faceplate source status indications.

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