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Eaton Fire Pump Controllers 

FD60 Autotransformer

The FD60, type LMR Plus Controller utilizes an auto-transformer that is inserted in the power supply to the motor to reduce the voltage at the motor terminals and to provide a smooth acceleration. The main contactor by-passes the autotransformer after a short acceleration time and applies full voltage to the motor terminals. Starting line current is 47% of the across-the-line starting inrush (approximately 280% of rated full load amperes).

  • Drain Valve Solenoid
    Used for Weekly Test purposes.

  • Data / Memory Storage
    Up to 10K Events - On Board Memory
    Save Fault & Alarm Information to USB Drive

  • Communication
    USB Port / Drive
    Transfer Data to / from portable USB Device
    Embedded Web Pages*
    View Current Status, Data Values, Programmed Set Points and History
    Direct Connection / Data Transfer with a Computer
    RS485 Port*
    MODBUS Communication
    * COM Option must be ordered for this function.

  • Approvals
    Meet FM1321 / 1323

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